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Architecture Sustainability

Located in Chongzhou City, in the Chinese Sichuan Province, Archi-Union have created a sensitive piece of architecture with this Cultural Centre that provides flexible spaces for exhibitions, conferences and a community meeting place.

The design takes cues from traditional bamboo weaving and has origins in a traditional Chinese poem.

The overlapping serpentine roof naturally defines two interior yards, providing a rich interior experience between what is inside and what is outside; between what is landscape and what is architecture.

The structure is largely pre-fabricated resulting in a fast tracked construction and then harmonizes this modern approach with the traditions of the interwoven bamboo which results in an architecture that integrates with the landscape of the rural area.

The Mobius-shaped roof is supported by a 70% light prefabricated steel frame and finished with traditional ceramic tiles.


Architect’s project profile

Archi-Union Architects