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You may be reading this on your phone and that would make sense according to a study in the UK.

Ofcom (UK telecoms regulator) has discovered that 78% of all adults now own a smartphone and we check them every 12 minutes that we are awake!

Ironically the study showed that these devices were not being used as cell phones in the traditional sense, as voice calls are on the decline. 92% of those surveyed said that browsing the web was more important than calling.

But we’re still chatting, as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, amongst others, have increased in popularity.

Quick stats

  • 2/5 adults check their phone 5 minutes after waking in the morning
  • 1/3 adults check their phone before going to sleep
  • 71% never turn the phone off
  • 78% could not live without it
  • 1/5 adults spend more than 40 hours a week online
  • 148 minutes adult daily use
  • 194 minutes daily use for 18-24 year olds

Are you hooked ?

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