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This is an important talking point for our industry. I was fortunate to get valuable construction site experience during my University training and besides the knowledge resulted, I learnt about humility and the importance to listen to the contractor building my design with my drawings.

There needs to be more practical training on construction sites as part of our Architecture School programs. Graduates will see significant benefits and be that much more “useful” to employers.

Do Architects Learn Enough About Construction and Materials? We asked this question to spark a discussion among our readers, and the number of responses on our sites in English and Spanish was overwhelming.

Having read and collected all these comments, it is clear that most of our readers agree that what is currently taught about materials and building processes is not enough. The vast majority of them admit that they have acquired this knowledge through fieldwork, years after having graduated. So once again we ask: if material knowledge is so important for the development of our profession, why is it not a fundamental part of the programs in universities around the world?

However, some of our readers contest this view, stating that architects don’t have to know everything, and that we can’t sacrifice good design to the constraints that impact the construction process. They base their arguments on the presence of specialists, to whom we should go whenever necessary, in a cohesive and collaborative process between the different disciplines.

Jose Tomas Franco

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