ARB Simpson Roof Top Tent install


Installation on T4R

The ARB Simpson RTT weighs 154lbs/70kg which becomes a little challenging when trying to lift an unwieldy form factor above your head on to the roof rack.

With a lot of trial and error I have devised a sequence to position the RTT, lift it in to place and secure it. The following steps may be useful for your own RTT installation.


As the aluminium rails are already attached to the base of the RTT I want to avoid contact  between these and my bodywork. I therefore attach a heavy duty removal blanket to my rack with zip ties to provide the necessary protection.

I then position a couple of benches alongside the vehicle to provide a staging position.


I lift the RTT on to its side on the benches so that the rails are facing the vehicle. This provides a chance to reposition yourself for additional leverage.

I then lift and slide the RTT on to the rack. Once in place I cut the zip ties and remove the blanket.


With the dead weight resting on the rack it is then straightforward to use a wood block or bearer to raise the rails and provide access to the end of the extrusion to slide the bolt plates in to position.


Once the plates and bolts are located astride a rack rail at each corner of the RTT base then it is simply a case of using a flat ratchet wrench to tighten the nuts and washers. I use nylon-insert lock nuts for added security. You don’t what these coming lose on the trail!


The image below shows the RTT in place on a Baja Rack flat rack.


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