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Apple Productivity

I’m a curious geek…I get some of my kicks out of testing the latest and greatest from all the OSX and iOS developers out there, and there are a lot with 2 million on Apple’s App store.

However every so often I catch myself and take a look at the app “bloat” I have accumulated.

A lot of these apps just replicate what I have already installed. Some are improvements and some new additions end up being the preferred app with the previous alternate getting canned.

As I use Macs, iPads and iPhones in my personal and professional life I look for those apps that can be used on both platforms.

The following apps are my current top 5 on all platforms:

Fantastical – I use this for as my preferred Calendar app. I maintain multiple calendars and need to see these overlapped to be able to plan my time. The ability to use natural language descriptors to set events, times and locations is really useful for fast entry.

Airmail – my preferred email client. Fast sync, full share integration, cloud storage integration and read receipts together with keystroke actions to Snooze and archive, make this app a fundamental part of my GTD workflow.

DayOne – I have used DayOne as a journal app before and lost interest; but the new version with multiple journals and fast sync between devices make this my go to note taking app.

Omnifocus – This professional task management application has been the basis of my digital productivity for longer than I can remember. It effortlessly handles multiple projects and hundreds of time bound tasks and sub-tasks. I would sink under the multiple demands of my professional time without it!

1Password – Simply the best password application out there…I can’t say more than that, except if you don’t have it already then you need it now.