Any colour as long as it’s white… Richard Meier & Partners

Architecture Design

Richard Meier & Partners are  outstanding Architects and their impressive portfolio of private houses must be one of the best.

This latest house in Oxfordshire, UK is everything Meieresk – a visual definition of their approach to site, order and light.

The firm

Richard Meier received his architectural training at Cornell University and established his own office in New York City in 1963. He has received the highest honors in the field including the Pritzker Prize for Architecture, the Gold Medals of the American Institute of Architects and the Royal Institute of British Architects as well as the Praemium Imperiale from the Japan Art Association.


Design philosophy

The principles that guide our work are rooted in timeless, classical design issues such as Site, Order, and the use of Natural Light that are not unique to period, style, or context. Modern architecture provides us with an optimistic view of contemporary life, while complementing its context with the exploration of other essential values that are of our time: Program, Technology, Sustainability, Collaboration, and Image. With these basic issues in mind we strive to create works of beauty and elegance that enhance any environment.