An Architect’s school by Tadao Ando #architecture


In 2013, Tadao Ando, the celebrated Japanese Architect, created a new art, design and architecture school for the University of Monterrey in Mexico.

The Centro Roberto Garza Sada, christened the “gate of creation” during design, provides the school with amphitheatres, studio and workshop spaces together with two galleries that display the lauded designer’s work.

The massive concrete form of the five Storey building is punctured by an angled promenade with a concrete ribbed soffit sailing over these public space. The “gateway” term references the future master plan where this space will become the entrance to the campus.

The building’s external texture together with the long, narrow ribbon windows above, make reference to the surrounding mountains and the shade created, intentionally creates a “micro-ecology” akin to a cave.

In our opinion, a masterful design by one the great Architect’s of our time.

The Architect

Some have characterized his architecture as creating a “haiku” effect, with an emphasis on nothingness and void to represent the beauty of simplicity.

“Born 1941 in Osaka, Japan. Self-taught in architecture. Established Tadao Ando Architect & Associates in 1969. Major works include the Church of the Light, Pulitzer Arts Foundation, and Chichu Art Museum.”

Ando has been awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1995, International Union of Architects (UIA) Gold Medal in 2005, Order of Culture (Japan) in 2010, Commander of the Order of Art and Letters (France) in 2013, Grand Officer of the Order of Merit (Italy) in 2015, and Isamu Noguchi Award in 2016 amongst many other accolades.

“Taught as a visiting professor at Yale University, Columbia University, and Harvard University. Professor at the University of Tokyo from 1997. Professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo since 2003.”