Healthy diet & save the planet! #lifehacks

Health Sustainability

Did you know that a healthy diet could help save our planet? You could reduce the amount of water resources you personally consume by up to 55% if you just changed your diet.

Healthy diet = Healthy planet

Reduce water consumption by changing your diet …

11-35% by moving to a “healthy” diet

33-35% with a pescetarian diet

(pescetarian: meat is replaced with fish and pulses, animal fat is replaced with oils from crops)

35-55% for a vegetarian diet

The main message is that if you shift to a healthy diet, be it with meat or without (vegetarian or pescetarian), according to your own preference, it’s not only good for your health, but it’s also very good for the environment in the sense that you reduce your water footprint substantially

Dr Davy Vanham (European Commission’s Joint Research Centre)

Read more about the research here

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Images credit: Pixabay Creative Commons