Time to reflect

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Following a physical “stress test,” I went for a CT scan on Monday at the hospital. It took several hours to complete, from the initial preparation to leaving. I am told to expect the results in 1-2 weeks from now.

Cardiology called me today to let me know that the cardiac specialist had concerns over the CT scan results and now wants me to urgently go for an angiogram at the Royal Alex hospital in Edmonton.

That is now booked in for Tuesday next week and I am told that I will have to rest for 48 hours afterwards.

I understand that they will also insert medical stents on Tuesday to open up the arteries and…

…that there is a risk of heart attack from this procedure.

What a great holiday this is turning out to be!

But why?

Is this the stress finally catching up with me or is this really a physiological symptom?

Somehow I feel that I need to make some life changes. Somehow all of this is making me think that I’m ready to take a new perspective on life…

Tuesday September 29th, 2020


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