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From the heart

It’s been just over six months since my quadruple heart bypass surgery and my recovery continues.

I am currently enrolled on the cardiac rehabilitation program provided by the Mazankowski Hospital. As before the support continues to be valuable and in ...

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Sharing my journey as I continue my recovery from a quadruple heart bypass. It has been an interesting few weeks.

My father, who lives back in England, messaged me to say he had been to hospital for tests which eventually had identified that he ...

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I am writing this on my last weekend before I return to work after three months off recovering from a quadruple heart bypass.

I can actually say that for the most part I have no pain at the moment. I am able to move freely and without restriction and ...

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At this time of year we are all reminded about what’s really important - a time for family and friends.

For me, I have never been so grateful for reaching Christmas this year and feel so lucky that I am able to spend it with my wife and ...

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The last few days have been rough...

An endless pattern of four hours of disturbed sleep for the last week together with the return of chronic chest and back pain have hit me hard.

Don’t get me wrong, this is nothing like the pain before my bypass surgery ...

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I realized that I haven’t shared some of the supports that I have been given or provided with to help my recuperation after major heart surgery.

In trying to help others understand what they could face in their own journey with heart disease and surgery, I think it ...

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A new way

As hinted over the last few posts my recovery from open heart surgery is leading up to expectations of change. These are my first thoughts on how and what a transition could look like for me.

Recovery continues

I will continue to ...

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Except less rock ‘n’ roll!

The days continue with the enforced routine of my current mobility and the pandemic restrictions. We are largely house bound with only an occasional medical appointment on the horizon to break up the weeks.

But I only ...

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It’s a strange feeling.

As the days pass by and the visible signs of my heart bypass operation start to heal, I want to do more for myself and to help around the house. Add to that the fact that I have never had so much time off work before and that my brain is starting ...

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An Emotional time

I was able to FaceTime my kids today, the first time since before I went to hospital. It was wonderful to speak again, although a little tearful at times for me in any case. We were all relieved that the critical stuff was over as the last time we ...

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Heart felt...

Five days from being admitted for surgery I am now at home on the long path to recovery from a quadruple heart bypass operation.

The simple fact is there. How amazing is it that I can go for major surgery and be back at home in under a week. ...

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The end

It was around 6am on the Wednesday when I had a visit from the Doctor. He told me that the plan that day was to remove the tubes from my side that were draining the air pocket from around my lung.

It’s going to sting a little

Isn’t ...

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Time flies...

It seems strange, looking back that I went for surgery on the Friday and my posts since surgery only take me to the Sunday morning, where I pick this up again.

The new pain from yesterday’s procedure on my lung was under control now albeit that ...

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And it was all going so well...!

The medical team, while doing their usual checks, found a build up of fluid in my right lung. I was told this was quite common after major surgery and one of the ways to clear it is to simply cough it up.

So with bypass surgery ...

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All done

After five hours in surgery they moved me to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

I knew she was there

Coming round and still under the anaesthetic, I was mindful enough to know that I had made it! I could sense she was there at my side. ...


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