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The end

It was around 6am on the Wednesday when I had a visit from the Doctor. He told me that the plan that day was to remove the tubes from my side that were draining the air pocket from around my lung.

It’s going to sting a little

Isn’t ...

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Time flies...

It seems strange, looking back that I went for surgery on the Friday and my posts since surgery only take me to the Sunday morning, where I pick this up again.

The new pain from yesterday’s procedure on my lung was under control now albeit that ...

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And it was all going so well...!

The medical team, while doing their usual checks, found a build up of fluid in my right lung. I was told this was quite common after major surgery and one of the ways to clear it is to simply cough it up.

So with bypass surgery ...

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All done

After five hours in surgery they moved me to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

I knew she was there

Coming round and still under the anaesthetic, I was mindful enough to know that I had made it! I could sense she was there at my side. ...

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The journey

We had booked an Uber to take us to the Mazankowski Heart Institute at 5.30am on the Friday. My wife didn’t need to drive and park on top of everything that was to follow this day.

We held hands in the car, didn’t really talk and like all life ...

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My big day

If you’re reading this, then my surgery is going ahead and I will already be at the hospital.

I hope, deeply hope, that I will be able to continue to journal after the operation and to share what it is like to recover from open heart surgery.

This ...

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All confirmed

I had confirmation today that I am still scheduled for surgery on Friday.

I am ready for it now because my whole condition is just holding me and my family back. I need to go in to this and come out the other side so that I can live life again.

It’s ...

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And again

The Heart Institute emailed to say that I was getting postponed again. Disappointing to get this message by email.

Not enough intensive care beds it seems because of the pressure of COVID cases. I get it.

Mental pressure

I do get it. ...

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I just received a call

My surgery has been postponed a week until October 1st. With the constant pain and the fact that our lives are on hold,

I just want to get this done now.

Upside? The extra time is going to take the pressure off ...

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My preparation

Went looking for the bag I had planned to use for hospital and couldn’t find it…

…suddenly made me realize how little prepared I am for the operation later this week and how I have been hiding from the whole thing.

It’s not like the ...

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I have seven days until my operation

Maybe only twelve before I should be back home recovering. They say it’s usually a week before you are discharged. Two days in intensive care and then the rest of the time on the ward.

It seems to be betting harder every day ...

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Really struggled today

Feel weary, I have chest pain even when I am taking it slow and then a relentless ache the rest of the time.

I have been trying to connect with my cardiologist as I don’t know for sure what the surgeons plan to do but even that is hard ...

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It’s the end of my two weeks holiday

I go back to work tomorrow after 10 days dominated by medical appointments.

The medical theatre staff told me during the angiogram that my diagnosis was pretty clear…

I have been diagnosed with coronary heart disease

Three ...

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Following a physical “stress test,” I went for a CT scan on Monday at the hospital. It took several hours to complete, from the initial preparation to leaving. I am told to expect the results in 1-2 weeks from now.

Cardiology called me today to let me know that the ...

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I never thought it would happen to me.

Each day I carry on with life, the ups and the downs, the fun times and sometime the sad moments.

I’ve recently recognized that I have been pushing myself for nearly twenty years to achieve more with my life, to challenge ...


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