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A personal journey

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I never thought it would happen to me.

Each day I carry on with life, the ups and the downs, the fun times and sometime the sad moments.

I’ve recently recognized that I have been pushing myself for nearly twenty years to achieve more with my life, to challenge who I am and to push my personal development. I am forever in pursuit of new skills and perpetually creating new personal projects alongside my career ambition.

Never satisfied. Never living in the moment…

And then I was sick.

It crept up on me as I was camped at home due to the pandemic, carrying on with my personal life and work.

I thought the breathlessness was a sign that I needed to be fitter. I thought the fatigue and headaches were a symptom of my middle age ( I am 51 years old) and perhaps a glass of wine too many on the weekend.

It didn’t take long from when I finally listened to the advice, to go and see the Doctor, for tests and ultimately a diagnosis. There was little doubt in turns out…

I have decided, retrospectively, to write down my thoughts and feelings on this personal journey from this point in my life and for whatever is in my future. I think this will help me with my own anxiety through this time and perhaps it might help others who follow.

I don’t know were this journey will go as I don’t know for sure myself yet…

Wednesday September 30th, 2020


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