5 x applewatch force touch tips #apple #howto

Apple How to...?

Apple’s iOS and watchOS operating systems have utilized “force touch” for some time but this functionality goes deeper than you think on the AppleWatch.

Here’s 5 of the best Force Touch actions

1. Messages

In the Mail or Messages app, force touch the watch face and tap New Message to be able to compose an new email or message right from your watch.

2. Activity

Force touch the screen in the Activity app to show a summary of your goals from the last week. From here you can force touch again to reveal a Change Move Goal button to increase your calorie challenge.

3. Music

Force touch the Music app’s Now Playing display and AirPlay appears for you to choose other devices to play your music on.

4. Location Sharing

In the Messages app you can Force Touch an existing conversation to reveal the Share Location option to let your contact know where you are.

5. Camera

While using the Apple Watch Camera app, force touch the watch face and a new menu appears providing you with the ability to remote control your iPhone’s camera HDR function, Flash, Live Photo and the Flip control.







Images credit: Pixabay Creative Commons