5 Ways #Howto …use the Files app on #iOS #iPad #iPhone

Apple How to...?

iOS11 introduced the Files app and together with multi-tasking functionality, finally transformed the iPad and iPad Pro in to a real productivity tool and potential laptop replacement.

The following steps show you how to get get organized using Files.app

#Howto …use the Files app

Move iCloud Files

1. Open the Files app
2. Hit “Select”
3. Choose which file or folder you want to move
4. Hit “Move”
5. Choose a new location or folder
6. Hit “Move”

Move other Cloud Files

Use this process to move files in third-party cloud apps

1. Open the file that you want to move
2. Hit “Share”
3. Open the folder you want to move the file to
4. Firm press the screen (where blank)
5. Hit “Paste”

Create new folders

1. Open the location where you want to create a new folder
2. Press and Pull the screen down too reveal the add folder icon
3. Hit the add folder icon
4. Type a name for the new folder
5. Hit “Done”

Tagging files

The latest iOS now has the ability to sync file tags so if you also own a Mac or MacBook you can tag your files on one device and they will appear on the other(s).

1. Hit “Select”
2. Tap the File for tagging
3. Hit “Share” or “+Tag” at the top of the window that appears
4. Choose the tag that you want to apply

Manage your tags

2. Go to Locations and hit “Edit”
2. Swipe up to reveal the tags on the Browse window
3. Tap of the tag that you want to edit
4. Edit the name of the tag
5. Hit “Done”

Note that you can also rearrange the order that your tags appear by holding down the “rearrange” icon on the right of each tag.