5 ways #Howto …multi-task on your #iPad #iOS

Apple How to...?

The iPad as a productivity tool is becoming more intuitive as Apple develop it’s capabilities through iOS development. Here are five tips for moving between apps to bring agility to your workflows.


Switching between apps

To see the apps that are currently open on your iPad, swipe up from the bottom of the screen or hit the Home button twice. Then swipe to find the app you want to with too and tap it to open.


Using a four or five finger (depending on your settings), swipe left or right from within an open app to select a previous app.


Simply return to the Home screen by using pinch with four or five fingers and then select an app to launch.

Easy access to apps

Use the Dock on the iPad to hold your most used apps and provide easy access when switching.

1. To access the dock, use one finger to swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
2. Hit the app you want to open.

Multi-tasking with Slide Over

This is an extension of customizing your dock.

1. Bring the dock in to view and then, using one finger, drag the app that you want to use on to the Home screen (on the right or left hand side) and release.
2. This activates “slide over” and from here you will then be able to use both apps.


Split view

Once you have an app in slide over you can move it in to “Split view” by tapping and holding the top of the app and gently drag down.

This places that app on the screen side by side with the other open app.

Drag & Drop between apps

From a Split View arrangement,

1. Touch and Hold an item (Text, Photo, Image, Attachment, Email address etc) until it appears to lift off the page
2. Drag the item to the adjacent app and then release.