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Four simple life style changes can help keep your brain healthy and functioning in to your older years.

Recent research studies led by Dr Gary Small (Longevity Center, Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behaviour, University of California) indicate that your memory performance can be improved with a healthy lifestyle.

As we get older we need to maintain our mental functions that aid memory and planning. The ability to reason also enables us to make choice decisions about our lifestyle which aid brain health and longer life.

Changes in lifestyle can help to reduce the impact of tendency of brain cells to attack our healthy cells as we age.

The result of this cellular change is an inflammation that leads to brain disease.

Studies highlight these 4 areas for brain health

  1. Physical exercise – 20 minutes of regular exercise can reduce your risk of dementia
  2. Mental engagement – activate your brain through learning, new experiences and socializing with others
  3. Stress management – improve your memory brain function by engaging in meditation and yoga
  4. Healthy Diet – 5 a day of fruit and vegetables can limit brain cell ageing

There’s nothing new here. It is important to recognize how these same focus areas positively impact our physiology on many levels.

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Images credit: Pixabay Creative Commons