Sunday, October 20, 2019


Cool Ways to Travel – a trailer to the sky #thinkdifferently #travel

Imagine a trailer with a panoramic roof to the sky – welcome to the LUME traveller. We’re digging this! We think you’ll love it! Enough said… Check out their website here

Cool Ways to Travel – overlanding in a school bus #thinkdifferently #travel

We continue our Cool Ways to Travel series where we profile some cool conversions of everyday vehicles in to overlanding rigs… School bus Before… And then… Check out Wetravelbybus on Instagram

Cool Ways to Travel – overlanding in an ambulance #thinkdifferently #travel

We continue our Cool Way to Travel series where we profile some cool conversions of everyday vehicles in to overlanding rigs… Ambulance In 2016 Ian Dow converted an old Ford E350 ambulance in to an overlanding rig and took to the road. I’d been searching for a van to convert and was blinded by the […]

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An Architect’s school by Tadao Ando #architecture

In 2013, Tadao Ando, the celebrated Japanese Architect, created a new art, design and architecture school for the University of Monterrey in Mexico. The Centro Roberto Garza Sada, christened the “gate of creation” during design, provides the school with amphitheatres, studio and workshop spaces together with two galleries that display the lauded designer’s work. The […]


London’s new pavilion #architecture

Make Architects have used aircraft and yacht technology to create a striking pavilion for a downtown public space in London, UK. Set in the Square Mile, the Portsoken Pavilion is a cafe space for social-enterprise and community uses. The pavilion’s structure is formed from a prefabricated monocoque (see definition below) and is cladded in Corten […]


Architecture that sings – a choir school #delight

Palassis Architects have crafted this exquisite sculptural architecture for the St.Georges Cathedral choir at the Cadogan Song School in Perth, Australia. The lightweight structure is constructed from white pre-cast concrete enabling slender columns that support a series of arches to form an arcade over a sinuous spiral stair. The school sits within the foundations of […]

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