Saturday, September 21, 2019

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Cards with kids

Crafting with the kids is a great way to spend quality time #lifehacks

Crafting is a great way of spending quality time with your kids and provides opportunities for developing a child’s communication, language, social and fine motors skills. It allows them to be creative and imaginative and who knows, may inspire them to be the next Van Gogh or Banksy!

Learning to play an instrument? #thinkdifferently #challenge

Ever needed a reason to learn to play an instrument? Neuroscientific research has shown that playing an instrument gives your brain a full work-out, especially in the Visual, Motor and Auditory cortices. So why not make it a New Year’s resolution to make music? Still unsure? Take a look at this Ted-Ed lesson, created by […]

dining out with the kids

Dining out with the kids #lifehacks #learning

Planning on dining out with the kids? You are enjoying catching up with your friend, who you haven’t spoken to for ages, until they casually drop into the conversation, Let’s meet up for dinner, oh and bring the kids Scenes of meltdowns, spilt drinks and pizza smeared walls, basically the stuff of nightmares, instantly flash […]

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Visit Florence in Italy – a Renaissance City

We recently visited Florence in Italy – the birthplace of the Renaissance Movement. A beautiful City, rich in culture and history.

Rebootme Visual

Amazing glass art #rebootme #visual

We recently visited the Seattle Center in Washington State, USA and the long term glass art exhibition at the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Wow! This is our Reboot ! The Exhibition at Seattle Center The Exhibition Hall at Settle Centre was the vision of Howard S. Wright II who constructed the Space Needs for the World […]


Shark vs Scientist… #visual

OMG! Instead of the scientist tracking the shark the shark is tracking the scientist Tom Peschak (photographer)   National Geographic article

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