#Trello as a #wordpress blogging tool


I have recently started to explore how Trello could become part of my daily workflow. I manage a lot of digital information in both my private and professional life and my leaning is towards the “visual” which Trello does well.

It has now become my anchor app for Marketing and Business Development tracking as an Architect. I will post shortly on this too but it was while trying to assemble posts for this WordPress blog that I thought that Trello could play another role.
My iOS workflow

  • I collect my articles and links from my RSS feeds and social media sites and where I think they provide interest, I send the link to one of my two blog lists as a new card.
  • I then develop the draft text for the post in the card itself, adding further links and images as attachments as I go.
  • Now I have all the blog post information in one place and ready for posting.

Trello to WordPress
Using the WordPress iOS app I bring this alongside Trello in split view and then simply copy and paste across the text content, smart links and image.
After posting I move my Trello blog card to the “WordPressed” Trello list to show me that it has been processed.

Seems to work…

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2 Replies to “#Trello as a #wordpress blogging tool”

  1. Dan, am looking at personal financial software. My preferred choice is quicken home and business. It only runs on PC though. How much hassle and expense is involved in setting up Mac to run windows? Is there a preferred product? Does it adversely effect Mac’s operation in any other ways when running as mac.

    Thanks Dan.

    Have a great day! B. JEFFERS jeffersbc@gmail.com


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