Time for #overlanding … almost #travel #adventuretravel

We are well in to the New Year and looking forward to Spring to be able to get back on the road.

For those overlanders out there who don’t live in more temperate climates, now is the time to start preparing our rigs to hit the back country again. Expedition Portal have identified 5 key focus areas,

  1. Shed weight (don’t panic – your vehicle! Check your load verses the Gross Axle Weight Rating)
  2. Health check (inspections and vehicle maintenance)
  3. Organization (consider your packing priorities for access on the trail and ensure your cargo is secure)
  4. Manage Stress (again more about the rig but your own stress is important too. Think about your journey and the impact of the vehicle. Maintenance now will make for easier, more enjoyable overlanding)
  5. Get our there! (Use your gear and don’t just live your dreams on YouTube!)

ExpeditionPortal article

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