We can #thinkdifferently

Samburu warriors found this baby trapped in a hand-dug well. When the elephant’s herd didn’t come back for her, the team took her to the sanctuary. Dubbed Kinya, she was given loving care by keepers such as Rimland Lemojong. Even so, she died weeks later.   National Geographic This photo was originallly published in “Warriors

#holedeck #sustainable concrete structural slab

As an Architect I am always striving to bring new efficiencies to our architecture to provide sustainable solutions that are viable for our clients. This evolution in concrete slab design takes some existing thinking and refines it further with a product with multiple applications. Holedeck is a system of voided concrete slabs slabs that can be pierced

James Wines Architect – interview

I have long been fascinated with the work of SITE as innovators in urban design and environmental thinking. I enjoy the challenge that their work brings to the “norm” and the pre-conceived notion that the vast majority hold, of what architecture is or should be. I became aware of their at architecture school when studying

Sustainable cities from wood

It is widely accepted that using wood in building construction can be effective at reducing carbon emissions from the process. Imagine the sustainable benefits of densified cities that use the sustainable material that could have a double impact on the emissions generated from our population centres. The Great Fire of London in 1666 should add

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