#evernote graveyard ?

Engadget (Devinda Hardawar) have published this interview with Evernote’s CEO Chris O’Neill. I have quoted the following statement from O’Neill as a reaction to recent…

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#Zapier #Trello workflows

Enhance your Trello workflows with Zapier, “When you combine Trello with Zapier, you can connect your cards to more than 500 complementary applications like Slack and Twitter,…

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#Morpholio Trace new “ScalePen”

As a professional Architect who uses Apple tech day to day, I am always looking for suitable digital alternatives to my traditional design workflow. There is still…

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An Architect’s guide to #paperless client account management

There is plenty of material out there on this subject matter but when I first went searching for an answer to bringing order to the…

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