#evernote graveyard ?

Engadget (Devinda Hardawar) have published this interview with Evernote’s CEO Chris O’Neill. I have quoted the following statement from O’Neill as a reaction to recent unrest from Evernote users following recent pricing changes. We have an obligation to our users to be a sustaining company that lasts forever. We call it Evernote for a reason.

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#apps simplified

I’m a curious geek…I get some of my kicks out of testing the latest and greatest from all the OSX and iOS developers out there, and there are a lot with 2 million on Apple’s App store. However every so often I catch myself and take a look at the app “bloat” I have accumulated.

Understanding Mac OS X Disk Utility

Maintaining your Mac should be part of a regular routine and Apple’s OS X has a number of built in tools to assist. Disk Utility can be found in Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility and presents the following simple dashboard, On the left hand side window is a list of your disk drives, both internal and external drives and