@apple new MacBook Pro second screen

There has been a lot of debate about Apple’s move away from their Thunderbolt display (of which I am an owner – see my post here). When the new MacBook Pro was released in late 2016 and with all or nothing Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, there was even more chatter about how to utilize a second screen that

#iPad Pro keyboard option

I currently use Apple’s proprietary keyboard and cover for the iPad Pro and it works great. Now that the Pro versions have been on the market for some time, a number of other manufactures are introducing accessory choices. Razer have introduced their version with the first ever mobile device keyboard with mechanical switches. I have

lie down to get #productive with #Altwork Station

Altwork are a company of technology professionals with an impressive background in industrial and software design. They have created “the new way to work” with an ergonomic workstation that provides multiple positions to use your computer. Imagine how this would change the traditional office space inspiring a new way to create workplaces by challenging all pre-conceived

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