RCA Battersea South campus design

Herzog & de Meuron has won a competition to create a strategic design approach to the planned 108M GBP Battersea South Campus. The jury for the competition noted that Herzog & de Meuron’s approach exhibited “a deep understanding of the potential for Battersea, making new connections and foreseeing the possibilities for sustainable place-making,” while provided

Elementary design

As a Kindergarten and School designer I see a lot of important concepts with this elegant design for an Elemetary school in the Uryu District, Japan. The use of light, reflecting materials, natural light and dual aspect provides open airy space for teaching and learning. The use of the space adjacent for extended learning makes use

Public School design

Developing inner city sites and entertaining vertical structures provide the ability to work budgets hard. Brooks and Scarpa use a blank wall, used to screen the building, provides an opportunity for solar collection while providing reflective qualities to the streetscape. New Work ::: Green Dot Public School:  (Via architechnophilia.) Share this reboot

Design Schools are evolving

In our turbulent socio-economic climate an impressive number of remarkable opportunities are awaiting design schools. Like society and business, design schools face a time of innovation challenges. In many countries design schools have already instituted forward thinking changes during the past decade. But this evolution is just starting. Today design schools are laying the groundwork