#parametric brickwork the old way

Sstudionmm is an architecture practice based in Iran have developed a digital solution to using brick as part of parametric architecture without resorting to complex construction techniques. Utilizing three dimensional modelling, the firm has developed articulated and detailed patterned brickwork that is the vernacular in their region. Sstudiomm – Negative Precision Share this reboot

Building as sign

I have visited the Main Street in Canmore, Alberta many times and have always been impressed with this simple shopfront. Besides the colour splash from the planting this is a simple wood slat and metal frame construction. By using neutral materials to form the letters, emphasis is on the “negative space” to suggest the word

#future architecture & design

The Expanding Influence of Architects This article in Design Intelligence focuses on those professionals changing their traditional role in architecture and design to embrace new analytics and ideas. These new “hybrid” design houses are utilizing faster and more efficient processes to deliver architecture and products in the digital marketplace. Full article here Share this reboot

#think – The #future of air conditioning?

“The Architects Newspaper” writes, The Cloud Cast comprises a ceiling-mounted canopy of thin aluminium jets, each one equipped with an ultrasonic sensor for detecting motion à la whale-to-whale communication. An ultrasound signal is sent and if an echo is received in a given window of time, the object is deemed sufficiently near and hydro-valves in

Architecture & Design muse – a new look

Well here it is…a revamped blog page, simplified to show architecture & design posts that have captured my attention, offer important messaging or simply just great images. This new layout is based on WordPress’ “The Boardwalk theme” and together with the clean presentation of each post, offers horizontal scrolling which breaks the norm a little.

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Design Schools are evolving

In our turbulent socio-economic climate an impressive number of remarkable opportunities are awaiting design schools. Like society and business, design schools face a time of innovation challenges. In many countries design schools have already instituted forward thinking changes during the past decade. But this evolution is just starting. Today design schools are laying the groundwork