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Originally featured by this superyacht is using new technologies to improve efficiency and operation.


Dynamiq is a Monaco superyacht builder meeting the needs of intelligent buyers for a next-generation yacht: efficient, chic, easy to order and effortless to customize. Dynamiq is the first to create a family of all-aluminium superyachts which combine the 20-knot-plus top speeds of sport cruisers with the ultimate comfort and 3,000-mile range of displacement vessels. This new category of yachts is called Gran Turismo Transatlantic (GTT).

Dynamiq GTT 165 superyacht designboom1800

High-end design and the latest technologies enable the yacht to travel between 20 & 25 knots with a 4000 nautical mile range. As with the car industry, they can also be equipped with a silent, hybrid propulsion system to improve efficiency.

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The Dynamiq GTT range is a product of leading European technology and craftsmanship. This unique international approach has created an innovative superyacht of the highest quality born from a collaboration of the world’s top superyacht design and construction experts.

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