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Micro robots are the new mechanics


The future aeronautical mechanics will be micro robots that will assess and maintain our aeroplane engines.

Harvard and Nottingham Universities worked with Rolls Royce to prototype tiny robots that can roam their engines to identify maintenance issues. The team are aiming to reduce the time it takes to remove the engine for such inspections. This current practice can take up to five hours.

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Magnetic North is on the move!


The location of the World Magnetic North has changed…and it’s moving quicker than before.

The Earth’s magnetosphere, a protective magnetic bubble does not align with the Earth’s rotational spin so together they create a dynamo effect. We call the centre of this the “geomagnetic” north point.

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R2D2 is real!


We all know and love the droids from Star Wars, including R2D2 and C3PO but now technology has caught up with science fiction!

A "flying brain" is on board the International Space Station. The "droid," called CIMON is able to float on command and uses AI to provide technical assistance to the astronauts.

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An insect orchestra


Marguerite Tricaud is an Artist and Engineer with a fascination for musical improvisation - Sound Insects

Her work includes this experimental installation of digital "insects" that react and respond to each other through the noises they make.

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