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Trying to simply clean up our plastic waste and pollution is not enough. One group, led by Ellen MacArthur, are working hard to change attitudes…

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In a direct response to the many letters they have received from children, Lego have committed to phasing out the single-use plastic bags used in their boxes in 2021 and replacing them with more sustainable recyclable paper bags.

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Climate Change Effects

  • Shanghai pollution
  • Wildfire in Australia, 2019
  • US Flooding, 2019
  • NASA Artic Ice

The impact of COVID19 on our environment (NASA)


NO2 from March 15-April 15 time series in southeastern US



66 tons per second...of food waste !

New study finds food waste will increase to 66 tons per second if left unchecked.

We need to act

A recent study suggests that by 2030, food waste could increase by 30% across the world if we don't change approach.

Presented a different way, 2.1 billion tons of food could be wasted or 66 tons every second

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We need to think differently about our marine environments

The International Community have designated parts of our seas, oceans, estuaries and large lakes as "Marine Protected Areas."

The concept is to promote conservation in these areas to protect these important resources and can include wildlife refuges or research facilities. The Marine Protected Areas (MPA) are protected and legislated by regional authorities around the world.

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Can air pollution affect our intelligence?


Researchers for a joint Chinese-US study have explored the impact of air pollution on human intelligence.

The study, over four years, tested the maths and speaking aptitude of 20,000 Chinese people and the results suggest a link but are not yet conclusive.

The research focussed on measuring levels of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulates smaller than 10 micrometres in diameter in samples of air but did not identify which of these were the cause.

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Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Emissions in China have been decreasing over the last four years, but the severe winter haze is not getting better. Mostly, that’s because of a very rapid change in the high polar regions where sea ice is decreasing and snowfall is increasing. This perturbation keeps cold air from getting into the eastern parts of China where it would flush out the air pollution.

Yuhang Wang, Professor School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech
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Environmental Change

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

There are five areas in the world's oceans that have accumulated vast quantities of garbage in the form of waste plastics.

One of these areas is in the Pacific Ocean, in-between Hawaii and California. Covering 1.6 million square kilometers, this is the largest problem and is now termed,

"The Great Pacific Garbage Patch." (GPGP)

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Waste recovery on a floating bike

Since 2017, one man is trying to make a difference in London on a floating bike !

Thousands of kilograms of plastic waste

A former management consultant, Dhruv Boruah is taking on the waste that ends up in the River Thames in London by floating along and collecting the plastic from the local canals.

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A new way to reduce greenhouse gas

A laboratory in Ontario is developing a new way to reduce greenhouse gas.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) capture is now possible using a new carbon powder created by chemical engineers at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Why should we care?

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Wind power on Mars

Researchers from the Centre of Space Physics (Boston University) are close to harnessing wind power on Mars.

Testing has been carried out at the Aarhus Wind Tunnel Simulator II (Aarhus University, Denmark) - to simulate the extreme conditions found on the red planet - the fourth planet from the sun.

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Sustainable flood protection

NOAQ, a Swedish Company have innovated with a sustainable solution to combat an increasingly common natural disaster.

There is evidence to suggest that the effects of global warming are one the causes of increased flooding of our rivers, which are regularly having a major impact on our communities.

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Have you ever bought something and then it just breaks for no reason at all?

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