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Rebootme Team

Our Mission

This website was the sum of three separate blogs that we brought together in December 2017. The concept then was to bring all of our interests to one place and then enhance them in such a way so as to provide short inspirational posts and images about design, technology, travel etc. We call these pieces, “reboots” and so we renamed the collective site, "Rebootme."

In our view the internet is so vast and seems to cover everything that sometimes it’s difficult to actually find anything at all. Of course, if you know what you want, it’s easy to get there but we all know that a more general search ends up with thousands of hits for us to make some sort of informed choice.

Our search choices can sometimes mean that we can easily never see some of the amazing and sometimes mind blowing design or technology that is breaking new ground; or even the personal experiences that people share about the way they live their lives. It is because of this information overload, the noise of the internet and the chaos of social media, why this project is important to our team.

We purposely want our visitors to Rebootme.online to stumble on something new that they weren’t looking for and for that hidden gem to inspire them to learn more.We want you to get a “hit” on design when searching about technology or to learn something new and innovative in healthcare, when you were browsing amazing photography or admiring art.

We want you to be inspired about some the amazing stuff that is actually going on in the world that we just don’t see or hear about in our daily media feed or press sources.

We hope you enjoy what we are trying to do here and get the "reboot" that we promise.

Behind the scenes

Our micro-blog is the place where we share our story as we develop the Rebootme site and extend our reach to wider audiences.

The Rebootme Community Page
Friday 22nd May 2020

At rebootme.online we’re always looking for new ways to promote the ideas and concepts that inspire people.

Our mission is to find and highlight on the site, some of the cool stuff our there that thinks differently about how we live our lives.

So it was a natural next step to create a place on rebootme.online to share what inspires our visitors and social media followers. We have engaged with many different people from around the world with different backgrounds, interests and passions; and we asked them to tell us “what inspires you..?” In other words, tell us what “reboots” you?

The team have created a new Community page to feature the “reboots” of actors, artists, writers and film makers, to name but a few.

You will also find a place to share your own “reboot” and if you do, we will share it for others to see on the page.

Come take a look at your Reboots

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our story
Saturday 2nd May 2020

This micro-blog is where we share the behind the scenes development of Rebootme.online.

Our team are constantly developing the concept and the site to improve the experience and to engage with our audience. Through recent social media engagement we have collected other people’s “reboots” and will be soon be featuring them on the site as place for sharing inspiration.

We have been asking writers to “tell us what inspires you to start writing” and “where do you get your inspiration for your art?” with the artists that we have engaged with.

Similarly we want to hear from those championing climate change action, “what drives your passion to promote sustainability?” and we have head from our fellow travellers on “what inspired you the most on your last trip?”

By adding their voices to our own “reboots” on the site, we are building a community place to share ideas and personal stories celebrating life and overcoming personal challenge, alongside innovation and new concepts that think differently about the world around us.

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Saturday 2nd May 2020

Inspiring images from around the world. Think differently

Inspiration through images.

Every picture tells a story - the world through images. Think differently

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Saturday 2nd May 2020

Think differently about travel. Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Planes, Trains and Automobiles - from adventure travel to overlanding.  We feature those that take the road less traveled.

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Saturday 2nd May 2020

Think differently about technology and science

Innovation, Sustainability, Technology - cool stuff.

Cool stuff - from innovative technologies to scientific breakthroughs. Think differently.

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Some images featured on this page were sourced from Pixabay.com released under CC0.