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As with many mobile apps, sometimes the only access to your stuff from a Mac is via Safari. You can simply log in here which enables you to see your photos and like and comment on other media from those you follow.


How to upload your photos & videos

You can also upload your content via Safari but you first need to switch Safari to iOS mode. Here’s #Howto … do that!

  1. Open Safari
  2. Click Preferences & Advanced
  3. Click “Show Develop Menu” on
  4. Press Develop > User Agent > Safari-iOS11-iPhone (or iPad)

Then reload the webpage and you’ll be presented with the options for uploading.

Flume for Mac

If you’re looking for a app for your Mac to use your Instagram account, then try Flume. Flume provides a menu bar style app that in free mode gives you access to your Feed and image comments etc; and then in the paid Pro mode, a rich feature set.

Flume screenshot

Flume features

Flume webpage

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