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A research study by Israel Abramov, Professor of Psychology at Brooklyn College, has identified that men and women respond differently to colour and speed.

Abramov’s team found that men are able to track fast moving objects and pick out details at distance in contrast to women that are better able to distinguish colours.


For Men,

significantly greater sensitivity for fine detail and for rapidly moving stimuli

This was demonstrated by tests showing that men responded better when tracking the thinner, faster-flashing bars within a bank of blinking lights.

The study supposes that these may be an evolutionary attribute,

would have to detect possible predators or prey from afar and also identify and categorize these objects more easily


For Women, the tests showed that they were able to identify shared of colour on the same visual objects more easily than Men.

Across most of the visible spectrum males require a slightly longer wavelength than do females in order to experience the same hue

Professor Israel Abramov Bio

Images credit: Pixabay Creative Commons

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