Future cities will adapt to our needs with data #architecture #innovation #technology #thinkdifferently

Adaptive Architecture of “Sensory digital infrastructure” as UNSense describes it, will use data to adapt and adjust our living environment to our changing needs. A “technology that adapts to its users.”


Social & Creative Innovation

Health, safety, liveability and mobility are complex challenges that require innovative, social and adaptive solutions. That’s why we believe that the goal of urban planning should not be to meet efficiency targets, but instead to positively impact the life of people in the city. We want to stimulate learning cities with a bottom-up approach in which technology adapts to its users. To do this we collect data through a sensory digital infrastructure. After analysing this data we design positive, personal experiences that improve movement in and around neighbourhoods and cities.

Targeted sensor-based data is collected, analysed and made actionable, creating interactive and responsive urban environments and buildings. This enables the city to sense, listen and strategically respond to every individual resident or visitor’s needs, for the short and the long term, on a local and urban level.


UNSense vision

“UNSense explores and develops new sensor-based technologies that are specifically designed to positively impact people’s physical, mental and social health”


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