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Different is good…

As an Architect I believe that you celebrate original architecture by introducing a new design approach, whether it’s in the building’s form or the materials used. When done well, there is a subtlety in the details that takes cues from the original and replays proportion that can lead to a more subconscious delight.

The extension to the Swiss National Museum by the Architect, Christ & Gantenbein is, in my view, a new building executed superbly in this way. It makes references to the original building’s roofline with it’s angular form and it’s construction is a modern interpretation of the former structure.


Swiss National Museum website here

Christ & Gantenbein, Architect

Over the past years, a broad range of private and public commissions has given shape to Christ & Gantenbein‘s growing body of work, encompassing different scales and scopes from individual residential extensions, institutional buildings, infrastructures and urban masterplans.

Architect’s website

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