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Powerhouse is a collaboration between a contractors, property developers, design and environmental consultants to create commercially viable buildings that are “energy positive,” proactively addressing the impact of new development on the environment.


As members of the Powerhouse collaboration, we believe that energy positive buildings are the buildings of the future. An energy positive building is a building which during its operational phase generates more energy than what was used for the production of building materials, its construction, operation and disposal. The building is therefore transformed from being part of the energy problem to becoming part of the energy solution.

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“Svart” is a Powerhouse hotel on the edge of Norway’s Holandsfjorden fjord at the base of the Svartisen glacier on the Arctic Circle, for Arctic Adventure of Norway, a sustainable tourism company.


Powerhouse Kjørbo, located outside of Oslo, Norway, opened in April 2014 and is the first Powerhouse project to be completed by the collaboration. By optimising and combining existing technologies in new ways, the two office buildings from the 1980s were renovated into energy positive buildings.

PowerhouseKjorbo 700 r 1020x450 c c 2

Powerhouse Brattørkaia will be an innovative office building with new environmental technology and technical solutions.

Snohetta Powerhouse skyextension www mir no r 1020x450 c c

The greenest school in Norway, Powerhouse Drøbak Montessori lower secondary school, will be ready before school start next year. Throughout its lifespan, the school will produce more energy than it consumes.

Montessori ny r 1020x450 c c

The Latest Powerhouse – Telemark

In the city of Porsgrunn the property developer R8 Property and the Powerhouse collaboration has initiated a project using the Powerhouse concept: Powerhouse Telemark.

Powerhouse Telemark Snøhetta2 r 1020x450 c c

Powerhouse defined



  • Skanska – project development & construction
  • Entra – real estate development
  • Snohetta – architects & designers
  • Zero – environmental consultants
  • Asplan Viak – consulting engineers and architects


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