@DEVONthink Pro Office – exporting data

As I have previously posted, the lack of functionality in Evernote to export information from the application was one of the main reasons I made the move away to a new product.

With DEVONthink Office the application is a UI for data storage that can still be accessed via Finder within the application by simply right clicking on the file and selecting “Reveal in Finder.”

That aside there are multiple inbuilt ways to export information from the default plug-ins that come with the application.

These formats include:

  • as Text
  • as RFT Document
  • as RTFD Document
  • as Word Document
  • as Unix Mailbox
  • as OPML
  • as Website
  • as Template (to create new documents with the same formatting)
  • Image format and quality

In addition there is also a function to archive the database that exports a clean copy of the selected information to a .Zip archive for saving to an external disk.

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