@devontech fix for DEVONthink Pro Office

Some of you may have noticed an issue with launching DEVONthink Pro office recently. This is a little concerning at first as the app fails to launch and you’re left thinking about “all my data” I can’t now access.

Fortunately Devontechnologies are on the case and their blog post extract below explains the challenge.

I have carried out this fix and all appears to be working well. I was concerned that I may have to re-establish my sync settings but all my preferences and connections were re-established when the replacement app was launched.

Thanks to Devontechnologies!

Yesterday DEVONthink began to no longer launch for some people. The issue is related to an expired Apple provisioning profile and already hit many other applications earlier this year. Apple now provides profiles with a longer life period. This doesn’t do away with the problem forever but at least delays its next occurrence.

If, for whatever reason, you didn’t update to the latest version the application is no longer accepted by macOS. Unfortunately, the operating system pulls the fuse already on the runway instead of showing a proper error message.

If your copy of DEVONthink no longer launches please visit our Download page and get a fresh archive for your edition of DEVONthink. Then trash the old application package on your computer (it’s usually located in your Applications folder) and replace it with the new one from the downloaded archive.

DEVONthink blog post & download links

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