Chronosync – an alternative to Time Machine for #backup

I have used Apple’s Time Machine ever since I started using a Mac. Fortunately to date I have not a major disk failure that required me to recall significant amounts of data from my Time Machine history.

However in recent months I have noticed that Time Machine has been unable to verify the Time Machine backup of my server and as a result I don’t have a significant history to fall back on in case of data failure. Needless to say I have a second backup to an external Thunderbolt drive  and I use SuperDuper! for this purpose.

I am currently testing ChronoSync following this review.

ChronoSync is the premier Mac app for synchronizations, backups, bootable backups and cloud storage. It’s a complete, all-in-one solution…

ChronoSync is an application for macOS that is capable of performing data backup, bootable backup and bidirectional file synchronization. It works by creating one or more synchronizer documents, each defining a specific task that you would like to perform. These tasks can then be run manually or scheduled to run automatically.

Backup and file sync tasks can target just about any type of device that can be mounted as a volume on your Mac. Furthermore, ChronoSync supports optimized file transfers with other Macs using ChronoAgent; file sharing with iOS devices via InterConneX; and can even backup and synchronize with various cloud storage services such as Amazon S3 and Google Cloud.

Econ Technologies Inc.

You can review Econ Technologies webpage here Chronosync for Mac

It would be helpful to have your feedback on this issue or your experience with ChronoSync. Please comment below.

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