#apps simplified

I’m a curious geek…I get some of my kicks out of testing the latest and greatest from all the OSX and iOS developers out there, and there are a lot with 2 million on Apple’s App store. However every so often I catch myself and take a look at the app “bloat” I have accumulated.

#Morpholio Trace new “ScalePen”

As a professional Architect who uses Apple tech day to day, I am always looking for suitable digital alternatives to my traditional design workflow. There is still a uniqueness to hand drawing with pen and paper. It provides a natural, effortless and fast way to explore or explain design concepts. With the introduction of the iPad Pro

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How I use #Trello for business development

Trello is an iOS and web based application that provides a visually biased solution for projects and associated lists. It is a great collaboration tool allowing members to participate on the projects created. “Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done.” I personally use this independently for a number of projects. I have provided

From iOS #outlook to #spark

   Readdle has just updated its email application Spark for the iPad. My dilemna was that I have been using the excellent iOS Outlook for my numerous email accounts and the experience has been great, so why make the change? As an iPad Pro user I am always looking for new apps that take advantage of the screen

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