@DEVONthink Pro Office – exporting data

As I have previously posted, the lack of functionality in Evernote to export information from the application was one of the main reasons I made the move away to a new product. With DEVONthink Office the application is a UI for data storage that can still be accessed via Finder within the application by simply

@DEVONthink Pro Office – importing data

So now you have committed to one of the DEVONthink Office products and have decided on a database structure that works for you and your information. The next step is to start using the application in your day to day routines, building the database as the “go to” location for all your information. Before I committed

@devonthink – the new #evernote

I have previously posted my frustrations about Evernote (see my previous post here) and I have been looking for a suitable alternative for some time. The reason I was a Premium subscriber was due to the significant numbers of notes, documents, images and sketches and web links that I manage. A lot of this information

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