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I will post specifically about some of the productivity tools that I use but in the meantime I have included a link to my apple technology blog below which will take you to my blog on this subject and related tech’ solutions. apple technology blog Share this reboot

#virtualreality architecture

We know it’s coming…

Just like the advent of CAD revolutionized the industry, changing the ways that Architecture was communicated to building owners and contractors, virtual reality will be the next step.

The ability to now create first person immersive three dimensional environments will be a game changer for both communicating design and the design process itself.


The article below provides an overview of some the advances being made in the industry.

Virtual architecture (ArchDaily)

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Graphene – new conducting material

Manchester team closes in on graphene transistors By Stewart Mitchell (PC Pro magazine) Posted on 10 Oct 2011 at 10:53 The Manchester University team – which has been leading research into the much-hyped material graphene – claims it has developed a sandwich-like architecture that could see the material move closer to replacing silicon. The “Big

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