Living in the Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle conjures up images of extreme weather conditions, but one family has managed to create their own cozy oasis in the far reaches of Norway. The Hjertefølger  family has been living on Norway’s Sandhornøya island, where they started their journey into sustainable living, since 2013. Their three-story cob home—built from sand, water, clay, and other

Designing for well-being

I consider that sustainability extends beyond the obvious “green veneer,” the ubiquitous solar panel or the wind turbine. As an Architect I seek opportunities with my Clients to design for the user or those who will experience the architecture. Designing for well-being is therefore critical to successful design. A successful building design promotes frequent use

skyscrapers from wood & glue

University researchers in the UK are exploring cellulose and xylan on a molecular level that could lead to innovations in strengthening wood materials. Molecules 10,000 times narrower than the width of a human hair could hold the key to making possible wooden skyscrapers and more energy-efficient paper production, according to research published today in the

#urbandesign for #climatechange

Cities can identify opportunities for innovation and efficiency to diminish the causes of climate change. To accomplish this goal, climate action planning is crucial. However, planning can become complex for several reasons. GreenBiz Wee Kean Fong, Senior Associate at the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Climate and Energy Program at the “World Resource Institute” states, “There are