Instapaper outage

As we shared earlier today, Instapaper is experiencing an extended outage. After 31 hours of downtime, we were able to rebuild a database instance to get Instapaper back online! In the interest of coming back up as soon as possible, this instance only has the last six weeks of articles. For now, anything you’ve saved

#macOS Sierra heads up

Appleinsider provide a useful heads up to some functionality that is currently not working when you update to the new MacOS Sierra. They have highlighted issues with: Wired networking ScanSnap drivers Bluetooth functionality Read the detail here Share this reboot

Understanding Mac OS X Disk Utility

Maintaining your Mac should be part of a regular routine and Apple’s OS X has a number of built in tools to assist. Disk Utility can be found in Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility and presents the following simple dashboard, On the left hand side window is a list of your disk drives, both internal and external drives and