Batch change #mac file permissions

Why? There are (frustrating) times when managing files, such as when copying or moving files between different user computers, that these files can become locked and can result not being able to open or edit the files on the destination computer. Changing the file permissions is sometimes a solution to removing these restrictions. The following

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One Podcast to rule them all @MacPowerUsers – homage to @MacSparky & @KatieFloyd

Why? Mac Power Users are two legal professionals that run a weekly podcast and are one of my principle sources of knowledge on all things Apple and digital workflows. These two cover an incredible amount of information on Apple, OS and iOS operating systems, provide useful tech tips, ideas on their own workflows and those of other noted digital users

An integrated solution to @1password management

Why? Internet security is a fundamental requirement to living in the digital age. Utilizing strong and complex passwords for your email accounts, online banking, subscriptions and favourite websites, is the only way to stand a chance of protecting yourself while on line against malicious practices. In order for this to work everywhere and on everything

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