#iPhone affects your sleep ?

The iPhone is ruining teenagers’ sleep patterns. But it can also fix them. The problem with smartphones is that they represent an additional delay to sleep onset. Now the group most vulnerable to this are teenagers, of course. They are biologically predisposed to go to bed late and to get up late. But that’s been

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#Apple improves Pages, Numbers & Keynote

Apple recently updated its iWork suite and these iOS, macOS and iCloud apps now offer a new library of 500 professionally drawn shapes. In addition the update brings more efficient auto-correction and text replacement options, added stock and currency features, improved language support, and other app specific enhancements.   Apple’s iWork apps Apple’s Pages app

An #architect ‘s simple approach to business development and staying #productive with @trello

Being productive… Most Architect’s, in order to stay practicing, need to do business development and marketing to attract new clients and to seek out new opportunities. Keeping track of new leads, connections, introductions and critically when you last followed up can be a time consuming exercise. I have tried numerous methods over the years with

task management for design teams

A simple and, at this time, free solution for team task management is the multi-platform app, Wunderlist. See my post of impending changes with the application here. In the meantime, this app works seamlessly for teams… There are Pro and Business versions of the application but if you’re working with teams of less than 25 people,

productivity tools

I will post specifically about some of the productivity tools that I use but in the meantime I have included a link to my apple technology blog below which will take you to my blog on this subject and related tech’ solutions. apple technology blog Share this reboot

@Facebook Workplace for Teams

There is a growing trend for enterprise scale applications that connect organizations and teams to digitally collaborate. Facebook is moving in to the teams collaboration market as a direct competitor to existing services like Slack and Microsoft Teams. This new services features collaboration tools such as: Connect your organization Share with the right people Keep