Shit brickwork

A Malaysian university, the Universiti Teknologi MARA, is experimenting with sewage sludge as a cement additive to make concrete. Potentially this could support the increasing demand for concrete and also solve the issues around disposal of  rising sewage volumes. However, as might be expected, the concrete had reduced performance with a higher concentration of sewage

A cooling ceramic cladding #sustainability

Material science provides us with a great opportunity to harness technicalogical innovation with simplicty to provide financially “accessible” design solutions to suit the architecture and environmental vernacular. By simply understanding the inherent properties of ceramics, a team have developed “Bloque Termodisipador BT,” traditional block with an irregular core that promotes cross ventilation and thus cools

PVC the new asbestos ?

“According to a new whitepaper report by Perkins+Will, “What’s New (and What’s Not) With PVC,” in spite of recent advances in plastic chemistry PVC is still responsible for a range of environmental and human health hazards created in multiple stages of its manufacturing process.”

I have often maintained, with my disdain on PVC windows and cladding, that PVC would one day be a health risk the same way asbestos is now understood.

While the risks with PVC are very different, I challenge why, as an industry, we cannot simply revert to natural, renewable and sustainably sourced materials…?


Perkins+Will Suggests Alternative Materials to Replace Health-Threatening PVC


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