renewable energy at home

Renewable energy has to be a fundamental part of our sustainable future and solar power is a “tested” technology in the commercial world. However there is still the investment verses the pay back calculation which is further factored by the location and aspect that the panels can be orientated to maximize efficiency. In the same

A new dawn in Alberta… #solar

Mike Hudema shares his personal story about how he made the move to solar power to supplement his home energy consumption. As humble as they may seem, rooftop solar installations can be symbols of hope, community, and change. The answer is solar…? Share this reboot

Arthur Ashe covered in plastic

Well not exactly, Rossetti Architects have designed a new retractable PTFE membrane roof to cover the stadium named after the tennis great. The 210,00 square foot PTFE membraned retractable roof was installed partly to avoid rain delays during play but is now causing other issues. The acoustics of stadium are now amplified to such an

constructed #forest for exhibition space

Vo Trong Nghia Architects designed this pavilion from bamboo for the 30th anniversary exhibition “The Asian Everyday: Possibilities in the Shifting World” at TOTO GALLERY MA, Tokyo. Vo Trong Nghia Architects (VTN) chose a species of bamboo local to Vietnam to display the accustomed process of realizing their bamboo structures. The bamboo stalks were treated using

#blue is the future

It is fascinating to think that colour could not only affect the aesthetics of our architecture but also the environmental performance. A new blue pigment, YInMn Blue has been developed and now licensed by Shepherd Colors for commercial use. Mas Subramanian, has been credited with the discovery and is based at Oregon State University as

#parametric brickwork the old way

Sstudionmm is an architecture practice based in Iran have developed a digital solution to using brick as part of parametric architecture without resorting to complex construction techniques. Utilizing three dimensional modelling, the firm has developed articulated and detailed patterned brickwork that is the vernacular in their region. Sstudiomm – Negative Precision Share this reboot

#sustainable power from green wall

Elena Mitrofanova is a graduate of the the Moscow Institute of Architecture and collaborated with Dr Paolo Bombelli (Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge) to design a green wall facades that has the potential to generate electricity from it’s planting. Moss Voltaics The design is composed of modular clay “bricks” planted with moss and utilizes new scientific