skyscrapers from wood & glue

University researchers in the UK are exploring cellulose and xylan on a molecular level that could lead to innovations in strengthening wood materials. Molecules 10,000 times narrower than the width of a human hair could hold the key to making possible wooden skyscrapers and more energy-efficient paper production, according to research published today in the

concrete innovation

Concrete is a material that excels in its functionality, providing structure to¬†architecture and engineering across the world. There are other ways that this versatile material can be used to provide texture and detail in design. The following are a sample of some Architect’s approach to detailing with concrete.   Follow the link below to get

renewable energy at home

Renewable energy has to be a fundamental part of our sustainable future and solar power is a “tested” technology in the commercial world. However there is still the investment verses the pay back calculation which is further factored by the location and aspect that the panels can be orientated to maximize efficiency. In the same

A new dawn in Alberta… #solar

Mike Hudema shares his personal story about how he made the move to solar power to supplement his home energy consumption. As humble as they may seem, rooftop solar installations can be symbols of hope, community, and change. The answer is solar…? Share this reboot