Task management

It’s up to you how you manage your day to day tasks. I think it comes down to how you individually prefer to keep organized. Some people will keep a note book, others use sticky notes but for me, I use technology. More about these options later. What is consistent in my view is how

Sketching the #architect ‘s personality

Sketches of scale figures can be seen as an architectural signature. These miniature stand-ins for human life not only bring scale and understanding to a sketch, they also offer a glimpse into the architect’s personality. Some designers automatically go for realistic, anatomically correct people, while others have more abstract interpretations of the human body. But what exactly do these predilections say about their illustrator?

What the way you sketch figures says about you (ArchDaily)



The Architect’s toolkit

An Architect’s work life can be extremely varied and in my experience a typical week can involve a sketch of a new concept, drawing and document reviews and design team discussions through to client presentations and site reviews of construction progress. The ability to carry out a site review and to record your observations while staying

September A&D review

September 2016 Architecture & Design blog posts… #parametric brickwork the old way #stadia kickstart #urbandesign #blue is the future #mixeduse facility for Paris constructed #forest for exhibition space #architecture students treated for mental health problems #hallucinate through design #apple architecture #expressionist monument Arthur Ashe covered in plastic  

August A&D review

August 2016 Architecture & Design blog posts… lie down to get #productive with #Altwork Station #future architecture & design #centralstation Moscow – Architectural Bureau [WALL] Building as sign Street furniture Elementary design #prologis real estate investment goes big on solar Shenzen’s world’ largest #wastetoenergy plant #sustainable power from green wall #holedeck #sustainable concrete structural slab Cities

July’s A&D review

July 2016 Architecture & Design blog posts… #naked hotel 5 Steps to Creating High-Performance Communities Board #workplace   Another brick in the wall… James Wines Architect – interview the real life of a #architect ! #virtualreality architecture Technical support Brexit: the profession’s verdict | RIBAJ Le Corbusier works named as UN world heritage sites Sustainable cities

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