RCA Battersea South campus design

Herzog & de Meuron has won a competition to create a strategic design approach to the planned 108M GBP Battersea South Campus. The jury for…

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bricks don’t do that! #thinkdifferent

This is a great article showcasing the possibilities of the ubiquitous brick to create different, gravity challenging architecture. brickwork tricks Share this reboot

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The design concept is defined by three elements: the “Theca”, the “Cloud” and the “blade” of the Hotel. The “Theca”, longitudinally oriented, is the container,…

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#art – light & dark

ArchDaily profile the Stuttgart Light Art Festival… Stuttgart Light Art Festival Share this reboot

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2017 Moriyama RAIC International Prize

RAIC International Prize Jury announced Share this reboot

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Lighting up London Town…

London’s illuminated river competition Share this reboot

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#BIM – the future

An interesting article on the impact of Building Information Modelling (BIM) on Architecture profiles Danish practice Arkitema in London…. RIBA article Share this reboot

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#design for cerebral palsy

Ron Rambo was born with Cerebral Palsy… CP is a group of permanent movement disordes that appear in early childhood and symptons include poor coordination,…

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that sinking feeling…!

As a design professional this has to be the worst case scenario, designing and constructing a major building that is structurally flawed. The Millennium Tower…

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#apple by Foster + Partners

When two of the best current day designers meet, then magic happens… This is the new retail branding at the Regent Street flagship store in…

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a website of websites by #architects

It is fascinating to see how architects as designers portray their work digitally. For some firms it is obvious that they have outsourced this critical…

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Arthur Ashe covered in plastic

Well not exactly, Rossetti Architects have designed a new retractable PTFE membrane roof to cover the stadium named after the tennis great. The 210,00 square…

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#hallucinate through design

This interior design by HALLUCINATE Design Office (China) demonstrates how offices can be reinterpreated to create inspiring spaces to work. A major shift from the…

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constructed #forest for exhibition space

Vo Trong Nghia Architects designed this pavilion from bamboo for the 30th anniversary exhibition “The Asian Everyday: Possibilities in the Shifting World” at TOTO GALLERY MA,…

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#blue is the future

It is fascinating to think that colour could not only affect the aesthetics of our architecture but also the environmental performance. A new blue pigment,…

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#Aalto’s wood bending 80 years old

Alvar Aalto’s adventures in wood bending techniques were a phenomena in the 1930s 80 years of Alvar Aalto’s pioneering wood bending technique (Wallpaper)   This link…

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#TERRA! ground sculpture

I get my kicks from simple design and low tech solutions that create innovate products. This simple framework has infinite applications for ground sculpture…    …

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Cities safer by design

The World Resources Institute has published the design guide, Cities Safer by Design. In summary, Many of the world’s cities can become safer, healthier places by…

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#sustainable power from green wall

Elena Mitrofanova is a graduate of the the Moscow Institute of Architecture and collaborated with Dr Paolo Bombelli (Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge) to…

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#centralstation Moscow – Architectural Bureau [WALL]

The lack of investment in the urban fabric around Moscow’s Paveletskaya Central Station has hampered potential development in the surrounding area. Consequently in 2015, the…

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#future architecture & design

The Expanding Influence of Architects This article in Design Intelligence focuses on those professionals changing their traditional role in architecture and design to embrace new…

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lie down to get #productive with #Altwork Station

Check out my Tech blog post on the art of lying down… Share this reboot

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#naked hotel

Depending on your point of view this is either elegant minimalism or   an essay in cost effective hospitality! A new take on the mountain…

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5 Steps to Creating High-Performance Communities

Communities should have energy and water-saving systems, but at a high level there also needs to be a more holistic approach to creating a sense…

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Board #workplace  

The Andes House, a design studio from Chile, designed this simple workspace as part of an exercise exploring the strengthening of hard board and dual…

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James Wines Architect – interview

I have long been fascinated with the work of SITE as innovators in urban design and environmental thinking. I enjoy the challenge that their work…

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The British Library design assistant

The British Library has released its digital archive for Public Use. This unrivalled database of images for the design industry can be accessed via Flickr.…

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China on controlling future #architecture

  Is this political control gone too far or is this just development control? China Takes Steps to Stop its “Weird Architecture” Share this reboot

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#Drones to map the future urban landscape

Change is coming… Urban Design Drones Share this reboot

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