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The range of design ideas and concepts is in itself impressive… Architecture platform Rethinking the Future (RTF): to create a “new window on international trends in architecture and design” by considering “radical solutions for the present day problems facing the domain.” RTF has announced the winners for their annual “Rethinking the Future Awards.” The competition was

Designing for well-being

I consider that sustainability extends beyond the obvious “green veneer,” the ubiquitous solar panel or the wind turbine. As an Architect I seek opportunities with my Clients to design for the user or those who will experience the architecture. Designing for well-being is therefore critical to successful design. A successful building design promotes frequent use

#design with trees

Tree and Design Action Group is a group that shares the collective vision that the location of trees, and all the benefits they bring, can be secured for future generations through better collaboration in the planning, design, construction and management of our urban infrastructure and spaces. The group have created a guide, “The Trees in the

#design for cerebral palsy

Ron Rambo was born with Cerebral Palsy… CP is a group of permanent movement disordes that appear in early childhood and symptons include poor coordination, stiff muscles, weak muscles and tremors. It is caused by the abnormal development or damage to the parts of the brain that control movement, balance and posture. Ron has started a

that sinking feeling…!

As a design professional this has to be the worst case scenario, designing and constructing a major building that is structurally flawed. The Millennium Tower in San Fransciso, constructed in recent years, is reported to have sunk 16 inches and is then leaning an additional 2 inches! The 58 storey building houses condominiums and with