Elementary design

As a Kindergarten and School designer I see a lot of important concepts with this elegant design for an Elemetary school in the Uryu District, Japan. The use of light, reflecting materials, natural light and dual aspect provides open airy space for teaching and learning. The use of the space adjacent for extended learning makes use

July’s A&D review

July 2016 Architecture & Design blog posts… #naked hotel 5 Steps to Creating High-Performance Communities Board #workplace   Another brick in the wall… James Wines Architect – interview the real life of a #architect ! #virtualreality architecture Technical support Brexit: the profession’s verdict | RIBAJ Le Corbusier works named as UN world heritage sites Sustainable cities

#centralstation Moscow – Architectural Bureau [WALL]

The lack of investment in the urban fabric around Moscow’s Paveletskaya Central Station has hampered potential development in the surrounding area. Consequently in 2015, the station was identified as a key regeneration project for the capital. Architectural Bureau [WALL] was founded in Moscow in 2014 by Arakelyan Ruben & Navasardyan Ayk. Their design looks to

#virtualreality architecture

We know it’s coming…

Just like the advent of CAD revolutionized the industry, changing the ways that Architecture was communicated to building owners and contractors, virtual reality will be the next step.

The ability to now create first person immersive three dimensional environments will be a game changer for both communicating design and the design process itself.


The article below provides an overview of some the advances being made in the industry.

Virtual architecture (ArchDaily)

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